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Top 10 Beauty Brands In The World

It is believed that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Still, we strive to maintain and enhance our looks with each possible way. And it is absolutely alright! When you look good, you feel good, and you do good! 

Beauty products remain an integral element in our efforts to sustain and enhance our appearance. With the mushrooming demand, the cosmetic industry is flourishing with innovative and improved products that help you achieve desired results–only when you choose the right brand and the right product. 

Thousands of cosmetic brands out there, claiming the best results. Evidently, it gets daunting to know which brand would work best for you. 

The Top 10 Club always helps you to make good choices by shortlisting the best stuff among the huge ocean. By the same token, here we have shortlisted top 10 beauty brands worldwide that suit your needs and enhance your beauty like no other. We hope you will find a perfect brand for you on this list. 

1. MAC Cosmetics

Source:- Pixabay

We have always been curious about the movie actor’s makeup products. We want to know about their makeup brand and wish to use the same. MAC Cosmetics is one of the brands used for celebrity/actor’s makeup. 

Stylized as M·A·C, MAC Cosmetics, is a popular beauty brand that celebrates individuality and diversity. As such, you will find MAC products for all races, ages, and genders. Since 1984, it has been expertly catering to the diverse cosmetic needs of consumers.

Make-up Art Cosmetics AKA MAC is named among the five most popular cosmetic brands in 2020. It has 500 independent stores and sells the products in 78 different countries worldwide. 

The best part of MAC is all the stores are run by professional makeup artists. Also, the beauty brand has been raising money for AIDS and HIV research.

Studio Fix Fluid and Ruby Woo Lipstick are the two most popular products by MAC. However, you can explore its range of amazing products manufactured for different beauty requirements. 

If you are looking for a cosmetic brand offering products for all beauty needs, then MAC is best for you. No matter what is your gender, age, or skin type, you’ll be able to find the perfect makeup that suits your personality.

2. L’Oreal Paris

Source:- Global Cosmetics News

When you think of hair coloring, L’Oreal Paris must be coming in your mind. However, now the brand has more awesome products to be remembered and cherished for. L’Oreal Paris is a global leader in the cosmetic industry with a wide range of superior quality beauty products. Initially, L’Oreal was known for its hair-color business; now, it has acquired special recognition for its skincare, makeup, perfume, and sun protection products. 

With its quality and result-driven products, L’Oréal is now counted among the world’s largest cosmetics companies. It markets over 500 brands and thousands of individual products in all sectors of the beauty industry. It is the 15th most popular cosmetics and skincare brand. Consumers describe L’Oreal as trustworthy, glamorous, well made, and good value for money. 

Whether it is about coloring your hair or buying high-quality makeup, L’Oreal Paris is the best brand you can go for. 

3. Avon

Source:- Global Cosmetics News

If it is about a brand that you can really trust, then Avon is the one you should try. It is the 18th most popular cosmetic brand and 14th largest beauty company in the world, with about 6.4 million representatives in one hundred countries. Avon is recognized as one of the best direct-selling and multi-level companies dealing in beauty and personal care products. 

Avon offers an exclusive range of products for various beauty requirements such as body care, hair care, makeup, skincare, and fragrances. Over the past few years, Avon has acquired a huge, loyal customer base. The consumers describe the New York originated brand’s products as good quality, excellent, useful, and the best value for money. 

Apart from being a reliable beauty brand Avon is also known for its involvement in philanthropy causes, and charity contributions. 

4. Maybelline New York

Source:- Nykaa

A small business with an eye beautifier Maybelline (Lash-Brow-Ine), as its first creation, is now counted amongst the most popular cosmetics brands across the globe. Maybelline is a New York-based, most celebrated beauty brand inspired by accomplished and confident women. The brand encourages all women to flaunt their personality and make a statement with stylish, high-quality makeup. Many makeup lovers and consumers adore Maybelline for its range of high-performing and trend-driven beauty products.  

The Maybelline eye beautifier, Maybelline Cake Mascara, and Ultra Lash were the most liked products of Maybelline New York. Later on, the cosmetic company innovated so many excellent beauty products in categories such as skincare, fragrance, and personal, to fulfill the diverse needs of different customers. 

Fashion is always a key focus of the brand, thereby many designers and high-profile makeup artists prefer and trust Maybelline. The superior quality and exclusive Maybelline products help designers and makeup artists to create cutting edge, stylish looks. 

If you are a designer, a makeup artist, or a makeup lover, then Maybelline New York can prove to be a perfect beauty brand for you. 

5. Chanel

Source:- Agnese Angelini

You spend a lot of money on expensive couture clothing, jewelry, and other accessories to complete your look and make it stand out. With Chanel, you don’t do that. Chanel, a French fashion house and beauty brand, offers you an exclusive cosmetics range that adds a glamorous touch to your appearance. Owing to the high-quality results, Chanel’s high-end products are worth your money. 

The cosmetics brand inspires women to recognize their potential and emerge their best version. Chanel’s distinctive product line includes makeup, skincare, and its popular fragrances. The company operates via Paris headquarter and in over 310 locations in both overseas and domestic markets. Moreover, it is associated with established names like Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis, and Nicole Kidman. 

By applying Chanel’s superior quality products, you can not only enhance your beauty but also boost your confidence. 

6. CoverGirl

Source:- Latina

When it is about choosing the best cosmetics, Covergirl can always be taken into consideration. 

It is one of the best cosmetic brands having successfully launched its first product line Clean Makeup, in 1961. After this product line, the American cosmetics brand has introduced affordable yet high-quality beauty and makeup products for all skin types.

Launched in 1961, Covergirl is well-known for manufacturing and providing a huge variety of consumer-grade cosmetics. It is the 19th most popular cosmetic and skincare brand. From the initial six products to a wide collection, Covergirl has been consistently improving and increasing its product line and becoming one of the favorite choices of consumers across the globe.  

7. Sephora

Source:- Insider

Sephora – a French multinational chain of beauty and care stores is well-known for its impressive beauty product collection that includes skincare, cosmetics, body, beauty tools, fragrances, nail colors, and hair care. The cosmetic brand features about 3000 brands and operates 2,600+ stores across 34 countries worldwide. 

Sephora is also renowned for offering the best cosmetics products as a retailer and a house brand called Sephora Collection. Its largest variety of products prompt consumers to be loyal towards Sephora. From all lip colors of different textures, lossy to matte, all the foundation shades to match your skin and everything for enhancing your appearance can be found at Sephora. You can shop for cleansers, creams, masks, body washes, lip balm, hair products, and even hair ties. 

Not just products, but Sephora wins customer’s hearts with its top-notch, overall customer service. 

8. Estee Lauder

Source:- Wikipedia

Estee Lauder is one of the trendsetter brands in the worldwide beauty industry. The brand has been helping ladies to enhance their natural beauty with top-notch beauty products. Founded in 1946, Estee Lauder operates via New York-based headquarter and markets products through digital commerce and retail outlets.  

The American cosmetics brand is well-known for its advanced collection of high-quality makeup, fragrance, haircare, and skincare products. Estee Lauder has set a larger than life presence in the fast-growing beauty industry with its excellent product range. Apart from its business success, the brand is acknowledged for its Breast Cancer Research Foundation charity for which it has raised millions.

When it is about quality and variety, Estee Lauder can be the best beauty brand ever.  

9.Urban Decay

Source:- Wikipedia

Urban Decay has been a favorite brand of the ladies who love bold makeup. The American cosmetics brand is recognized for its bold colors, high-performance formulas, high-pigmented products, and iconic-naked palettes that have built rightful awareness amongst the fashion-conscious individuals.

Since 1996, Urban Decay has been offering top-quality beauty, makeup products that show excellent results. The cosmetics company operates in domestic and global markets via headquarter based at California in the United States. 

Naked Palettes is one of the most popular products of the company that includes different eye shadow palettes. With this product, Urban Decay has received incredible popularity. Currently, it offers lip colors, complexion, eye make, and body products. 

If you are looking for upmarket and trendy products, then Urban Decay is the right brand for you. 

10. Lancome

Source:- Global Cosmetics News

Lancome is the popular name you can consider when searching for cutting-edge makeup products. It is a luxury fashion house that originated in French and operates in International markets. For 80 years, the beauty brand is expertly fulfilling to the cosmetic requirements of consumers. It has been consistently innovating effective beauty formulas to create result-driven products. 

Lancome’s products include beauty and science to attain a perfect blend of timeless style and modern technology. The label is especially known for its makeup, skincare, and fragrance products. Brilliant research, creativity, and business awareness altogether led to the success of Lancome. 

The older the brand, the better quality products you get. If you believe in this formula, then Lancome would be the best choice for you. 


Beauty is a precious gift everyone has got. Choosing any random product of the random brand is completely injustice and harmful to your beauty. Therefore, you have to be cautious when choosing your cosmetic brand and buying beauty products. With this list, you will be able to reach the perfect brand that suits your requirements, personality, and budget.

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