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Top 10 Unbelievable Places on the Earth

At least once in life, you may have experienced a dream where you find yourself in an utterly bizarre place or any unbelievable place. You are running, falling from mountains, facing unusual creatures, or exploring unbelievable scenery. 

For some, this could be a nightmare, while it may be an exceptional feeling for adventurous folks. If you are in the second category, you would want to live this experience again and again.

If so, then you must give a read to this blog. Here we have listed out ten unbelievable places in the world that would get you the same feeling of those bizarre dreams. Though they are beyond your belief, these places could make you fall in love with them forever.

1.Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Source:- Unsplash

Salar de Uyuni is our first selection among the unbelievable places in the world. Reason? Its beauty, its amazingness, and an unbelievable facet of nature, that you wouldn’t have seen before. Salar de Uyuni is known for its surreal beauty. The beauty of reflection of the sky. 

Salar de Uyuni is in the Daniel Campos Province in Potosí in southwest Bolivia, located near the crest of the Andes at a height of 3,656 m (11,995 ft) above sea level. It has occupied over 10,000sq km ( 3,900 sq mi) in area.

The biggest salt flat in the globe is frozen in the depths of winter and converted into a huge sky-reflecting mirror during the monsoon (September-May). The remnant pools from this great prehistoric lake form a sparkling, unreal horizon. 

At Salar de Uyuni, you see the reflection of countless stars and the milky way that is impossible to describe in words. This salt mirror turns too salty during the dry season, and in the rainy season, it transforms into an infinite mirror of nature. The swiftly changing landscape makes it difficult to define its beauty. 

It gets bitterly cold in winter. You can expect the temperature to drop as below -4F (-20C). Thus, traveling to Salar de Uyuni is not a walk on the cake. 

The Salar’s mirror effect forms only after heavy rains. Thus, if you wish to witness this incredible phenomenal and surprising beauty of Earth, then the wet season (between January and March) is the best time to visit. 

2. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA

Source:- Pixabay

Here is another wet destination to blow your socks off. The Grand Prismatic Spring in North America is the rarest place on the Earth that is beyond our imagination. It is the largest natural hot spring pool found in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Its rainbow-colored water is what makes it one of the unlikely places on Earth. The colors of this hot spring are equivalent to those seen in the rainbow dispersion i.e., red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Grand Prismatic Spring was noted and named by geologists working in the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871. Located in the Midway Geyser Basin, the Grand Prismatic spring is 160 feet (50 m) and has a diameter of 300 feet (90 m). 

Grand Prismatic Spring’s rainbow colors give it an other-worldly appearance and make it one of the surreal places on the planet. The vivid, bright colors of the spring are derived from microbial mats surrounding the mineral-rich water’s edges. These mats form different shades ranging from green to red. The mat’s colors change according to the weather change. In the winter, the mats are generally dark green, whereas, in the summer, the mats are orange and red. The water is sterile due to the high temperature at the center of the spring; thus, it remains blue throughout the year. 

The colors of the spring are most vivid during summer, thus if you wish to pay a visit, then planning between May to September would be the best. It is advised to visit in the middle of a bright, sunny day to see the most amazing facet of Grand Prismatic Spring. 

3. Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

Source:- Pexels

If you love trekking, then you must know about this place, as it will give you some new trekking goals. Volcanic peaks are always the center of attention of Indonesia, and Mount Rinjani is one of them. It is the second-highest peak in Indonesia with an altitude of 3,726m above sea level. 

It makes the second-highest active volcano in Indonesia on Lombok island. 

A couple of or three days of mountain hike is not for the faint-hearted. However, the spectacular view is an exceptional reward one will have. The view is something next level for both soul and eyes. The crater lake “Segara Anakaka,” aka ‘Child of the Sea,’ adjacent to the volcano, sits beautifully at the top of this incredible climb. The sea-like blue color water of this 6-by-8.5-km lake makes it a breathtaking natural facet that gives you a delightful feeling. 

Hindu people and the Sasak tribe consider the mount and the lake sacred, and some religious activities are conducted in these two areas. 

A surreal view of the volcano and the crater lake makes it hard to believe in the amazingness and beauty of mother earth. 

4. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, China

Source:- Unsplash

If you have been a fan of the movie Avatar, then Zhangjiajie National Forest Park would be an interesting place. The place was a major inspiration for the blockbuster film Avatar. 

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is an incredible and unimaginable place across the globe, giving you the feel of a futuristic science fiction film set. It is a national forest park in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China. The other-worldly views make the park an unforgettable place; you would remember it for a lifetime. 

Amongst many mind-blowing sceneries, the Pillar-like formations are the notable geographic features of the park. They are assumed to be formed due to the years of physical, rather than chemical, erosion. The 1,080-metre Southern Sky Column -one of the park’s quartz-sandstone pillars, was officially renamed as “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain” in honor of the Avatar movie, in January 2010. 

The park is well-known for its six primary and over 90 smaller attraction spots. It features grotesque peaks, abundant fauna and floras, lucid brooks, and a hospitable climate. 

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park can be described as a surreal, eccentric, majestic, wild, and delicate place existing on the Earth. 

5. Naica Mine, Mexico

Source:- CEN

Crystals are an integral part of Earth’s treasure, and their origin is something unbelievable. Naica Mine is an excellent example of the source of precious crystals. The mine is also known as the Cave of the Crystals. It is a zinc, lead, and silver mine also containing large selenite crystals. It is located in Chihuahua, Mexico, the Naica Mine, primarily known for its most giant crystals ever found in nature. 

The cave is discovered by the miners while drilling through a newly drained region. It is about 300 m, under the surface in the limestone host rock of the mine. The selenite crystals in the mine are formed by hydrothermal fluids that emerged from the magma chambers beneath. 

The caves remain closed after the death of a worker who tried entering the cave to steal some selenite. The worker couldn’t survive due to the inhospitable and humid atmosphere of the cave. Once proper research on the crystals has been done, the process of crystal growth will be continued. Currently, the mine is owned by the world’s largest silver producer- Industrias Peñoles.  

The huge crystals are the main attraction of the cave and make it an unimaginable place on Earth. 

6. Marble Caves, Patagonia

Source:- Pixabay

After the crystal caves, the Marble cave is another surreal destination that would blow your mind away with surprising sceneries and facets. Marble Caves found at the center of General Carrera Lake are one of the surreal sites of Patagonia. The two caves, Marble Cathedral and Marble Chapel are the centers of attraction of Patagonia. The caves are named based on their reverential atmosphere and domed ceilings. 

Observing the Marble Caves would definitely leave you in curiosity -how these magnificent structures have formed? The caves were formed over the past 6000+ years when the water from the nearby glaciers melted and filled up General Carrera Lake and washed up against the solid rocks. It slowly carved out intricate columns, caverns, and tunnel systems.

Moreover, over thousands of years, this glacier water altered the shape and color of the Marble Cave formations to the beautiful complexion of greens, blues, blacks, and yellows.

This highly unique and beautiful cave system will leave you breathless. You can experience this amazing facet of creation by actually visiting there. However, the Marble caves are only accessible by boat. 

7. Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, Laos

Source:- Unsplash

Some places literally give a paradise-like feeling, and Kuang Si Falls is one of those unbelievable places. The Kuang Si Falls, aka the Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls, is a three-tiered spectacular waterfall with crystal-clear and blue water that you can’t resist jumping straight in. The waterfalls can be reached through a trail to the left of the falls. 

It is delightful to watch the blue water floating from an interesting structure. The best part of this place is you can feel its amazingness. You can jump into the pools and take a full delight of turquoise blue water. Also, you can hike the trails around the waterfalls to explore your own secret slice of heaven.

If you wish to visit a place that is blessed with nature, then Kuang Si Falls, located in Luang Prabang, Laos, is the best one for you. 

8. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Source:- Unsplash

If Kuang Si Falls gives you a feeling of paradise, then The Door to Hell is the opposite. It offers an experience of a dreadful place. The Door to Hell, formerly known as the Darvaza gas crater, is a natural gas field settled in a cavern located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. It is a hot pool of lava that resembles the gateway to the underworld: hot, red, and steamy. 

The Door to Hell is assumed to be burning continuously since 1971 when Geologists deliberately set it on fire to avert the spread of methane gas. Though the place seems dangerous, it is worth visiting and exploring if you are adventurous. Its incredible scenes will give you goosebumps. 

The crater must be viewed at night for the best experience. You get to see an empty desert accompanied by the stars, red light emerging from the ground in the distance, fireballs, and shooting flames. The whole scenario seems to be similar to the volcano. 

9. Northern Lake Baikal, Russia

Source:- Unsplash

When it is about lakes, Northern Lake Baikal must be taken into consideration. It is the world’s largest freshwater lake located in southern Siberia. The fresh, blue water and incredible sceneries make it one of the amazing lakes and fabulous places on the planet. In winter, the water in the lake freezes into turquoise ice sheets, which creates an astonishing view. Here, temperatures may drop to -19°C from December to February. 

Northern Lake Baikal is assumed to be the deepest lake in the world. Formed as an ancient rift valley, the Northern Lake Baikal has a typical crescent, long shape, with a surface area of 31,722 km2. 

This massive, ancient lake in the mountainous region of Siberia is surrounded by a range of hiking paths known as the Great Baikal Trail. 

Baikal is also a shelter to thousands of animals and plant species. Thus, if you are a nature lover, a Northern Lake Baikal visit would be a complete treat to yourself.

10. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Source:- Wikipedia

Imagine a train passing through the thick green tunnel of forests. Isn’t it like living in another world. Tunnel of Love gives you the exact other-worldly feeling or maybe a heaven experience. It is a segment of an industrial railway located near Klevan, Ukraine, that connects it with Orzhiv. The railway track is beautifully surrounded by green arches and is about 3 to 4.9 km long. 

The combination of exceptional tunnel structure and greenery is an absolute treat to watch. If you wish to explore this spectacular place, make sure to plan between June and September to attend the tunnel in its full glory. In this period, you get to see the flourished trees with deep green colored leaves. 

Wrapping it up!

Most of these places are beyond our reach; still, we can feel other-worldly facets of these rare places. Some of these places may become your dream travel destination. Or you may have already experienced places similar to these in your dreams. 

We hope this list will refresh your day and your mood in some way.

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