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Top 10 Popular Magazines in the World

Our reading habits are changing with the emerging digital era. However, magazines are still our favorite reading stuff or leisure time entertainment that nothing can replace. Whether waiting in a clinic or chilling on the sofa at home, we can’t resist picking one of the magazines kept next on the table. And why not? After all, Magazines are a great source of real-time, useful, engaging, and in-depth information available in a portable and readable form. 

You have magazines in all categories to serve you with information on the latest happenings and different aspects across the world. With so many categories and publications, it might be confusing to know which magazine is worth your time and money. 

What makes a good magazine? Great content including interesting articles, commentary, pictures, and useful perspectives about topics the reader cares about. Keeping this checklist in mind, we have shortlisted the top 10 best magazines, to make things easier for you. The list covers magazines of different genres, being read across the globe.

1. The Watchtower

Source:- World Kings

It’s an amazing fact that the biggest magazine in the world is based on the “religious” genre. The Watchtower is the most popular and oldest magazine published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is a top-rated religious magazine with around 93 million copies of the public edition being circulated all over the world in every four-month as it is a companion of Awake! Magazine The Watchtower is circulated in their door-to-door ministry. 

The American magazine is available in 369 languages and mostly covers content related to Christian morals, biblical prophecies, and biblical history. The Watchtower is also the most read Christian magazine across the globe in the year 2020. 

2. Awake!

Source:- Wikipedia

Following The Watchtower, Awake! is the second most loved and most circulated religious magazine in the world with a bi-monthly circulation of over 93 million copies worldwide. It is a companion of The Watchtower thus published and distributed by Jehovah’s Witnesses in the house-to-house ministry. The American religious magazine not only focuses on Bible and biblical history but also includes content about general-interest topics such as geography, nature, medical conditions, and family life. It is published in 225 languages and has almost 60 million readers every month. 

3. Game Informer

Source:- Wikipedia

Game Informer is immensely popular, especially amongst teenagers as it covers their favorite genre. Published by GameStop Corp. Game Informer is a popular monthly video game magazine with over 7 million copies circulated in the year 2017. It started publication in 1991 and gradually acquired popularity with the growth of the game industry. The American magazine covers articles, reviews, news, and strategy of video games and associated consoles. The magazine now holds a readership of around 18 million people and has a distribution of 10 million copies in 2020. 

4. Better Homes & Gardens

Source:- Wikipedia

Better Homes & Gardens is the fourth best-selling magazine in the US and one of the most popular home economics magazines worldwide. It is published by Meredith Corporation and has around 7 million circulations per month. Better Homes & Gardens focuses on content related to cooking, gardening, homes, crafts, decorating, healthy living, and entertaining. It is also known as one of the “Seven Sisters”, which is a group of women’s service magazines. Most of the readers of its 7.6 million readerships are women as it covers home decor genre. 

5. Reader’s Digest

Source:- Wikipedia

Reader’s Digest held the best-selling consumer magazine tag for many years until Better Homes & Gardens got it in 2009. It is a general-interest family-friendly magazine founded in the US, in 1922, by DeWitt Wallace and Lila Bell Wallace. Reader’s Digest is published ten times a year in more than 21 languages and sold in over 70 countries. It is one of the biggest paid circulation magazines in the world with a global circulation of 10.5 million. As it focuses on broad audiences and their diverse interests, Reader’s Digest succeeds to acquire a huge readership across the world. 

6. Good Housekeeping 

Source:- Wikipedia

Good Housekeeping is the monthly circulated popular women’s magazine by the Hearst Corporation. The American magazine was founded in 1885 and has experienced immense popularity during the 1920s. It focuses on articles related to women’s interests, fashion, diet, recipes, and health. However, the magazine also is known for its many literary articles. Famous writers like Edwin Markham, Virginia Woolf, and Somerset Maugham have contributed to this publication for many years. It has an approximate circulation of 4.3 million among which 4 million are women readers. 

7. National Geographic

Source:- Wikipedia

This is a magazine for science and animal lovers. Not hugely popular in the US but National Geographic is a global superpower. It is the official magazine of the well-known National Geographic Society and mainly focuses on articles about history, geography, science, and world culture. National Geographic is renowned for its extensive use of dramatic photographs and a high-quality printing format containing high-quality glossy paper and a yellow rectangular border. Having published its first issue in 1888, the monthly magazine has been around for a long time and remained a favorite of readers across the globe. As of 2015, it had a global circulation of around 6.5 million per month, published in nearly 40 local-language. 

8. People

Source:- Wikipedia

People is a weekly American magazine with a readership of more than 45 million people. It is one of the famous magazines featuring articles based on celebrity news and gossip and human-interest stories. People is well-known for its special issues such as “Sexiest Woman Alive”, and “Sexiest Man Alive”, as well as titles to celebrities like “World’s Most Beautiful” and “Best & Worst Dressed”. Since 1974, People have been popular amongst the readers, especially fans of the “entertainment” genre. With about 3.5 million circulations, it remains a significant part of the publishing industry. 

9. Vogue

Source:- Arianagrande Fandom

Vogue is one of the popular fashion and lifestyle magazines covering several topics, including beauty, fashion, living, culture, and runway based in New York City. Published by Condé Nast, the American monthly magazine has been setting fashion trends for over a century and is counted among top-selling magazines worldwide. It started as a weekly newspaper, first published in 1892 in the US. A few years later, the magazine received huge popularity and immense readership. As of March 2020, Vogue reached almost 1.3 million readers, having 1.6 million women read the title, either in digital or print format.

10. Women’s Health 

Source:- Wikipedia

Women’s health is another celebrated women’s magazine on our list. It is an American lifestyle magazine published by Hearst, focusing on women topics including health, nutrition, sex, and fitness. Women’s health is published 10 times a year in the US and has a readership of around 1.5 million people. It has 13 global editions circulated in 25 countries and crossing over 8 million readers globally. It was founded in 2005 by Rodale as the sister publication of popular magazine Men’s Health. 

Wrapping it up!

Whether you have been reading magazines or not, these 10 magazines are worth your attention, time, and money. Pick your favorite genre and start reading the most popular magazine in the world to acquire useful and interesting information and level up your knowledge. 

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