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Top 10 Schools in Central India

Some of India’s oldest educational institutions may be found in Madhya Pradesh, the country’s oldest state. As a result, the education system in Madhya Pradesh is well-organized and separated into many levels for different age groups. The state is home to various schools, industries, businesses, historic sites, and other attractions; this is the only state in India that has both IIM and IIT institutes.

We have created a comprehensive list of the best schools in Madhya Pradesh. The following list provides an overview of the best national and foreign schools in Madhya Pradesh for the academic year 2023.

These are some of Madhya Pradesh’s best schools.

  1. Daly College, Indore

Daly College was a well-known institution under the British Raj. It has boarding facilities starting with class IV. Since 1939, it has been a founding member of the Indian Public School Conference. It also belongs to Round Square, AFS, the G20, and the British Council. The school’s infrastructure is one of the reasons it is regarded as one of the best in Indore. It has all the current conveniences and facilities for each child’s total growth.

The campus is “green,” with gardens and two man-made lakes. Ranji Trophy matches have previously been staged on the institute’s cricket fields. There are also Olympic-sized swimming pools, tennis courts, a shooting range, squash courts, a skating rink, an obstacle course, and badminton courts. The boarding facilities, as well as a well-attended medical facility, are located on the site. It has its ambulance as well.

  1. Delhi Public School, Indore

DPS Indore is one of the top schools in Indore. The school is a well-known and highly sought-after educational institution. It is also regarded as one of the city’s and state’s best CBSE schools. One of the institute’s highlights is its international student exchange programme; this provides eligible students with more access to global learning platforms. The campus and infrastructure are both digitally oriented.

It features sophisticated courses as well as cutting-edge laboratories and libraries. The “student Council” bridges the gap between the student body and the teachers—this aids in the smooth operation of the school. DPS also offers a variety of sports and academic scholarships to help brilliant brains with limited backgrounds. 

Sports and athletic facilities are also sophisticated and open to all pupils.

  1. Sherringwood World school, Indore

Sherringwood World School, with its unique child care facility and teaching approaches, is an international school that caters to the requirements of modern-day youngsters. It is a co-educational school up to grade 12 and seeks to provide children with high-quality education and care.

Sherringwood World School provides top-of-the-line early years education with state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities on a safe and secure campus where kids can enjoy various activities.

They are located over two campuses on around 80,000 square feet of property in the city’s core, Saket. Our first-rate infrastructure can accommodate:

The computer lab is well-equipped

A relaxing music room

Props for dancing are available in the dance room.

Area of acrobatics

Audio-Visual room — all of which is sanitary and is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal

The Sanskar Valley School is a K-12 day boarding residential private co-educational school in Bhopal. The school has a highly skilled and devoted group of instructors and staff who provide quality education while adhering to worldwide educational standards.

The Sharda Devi Charitable Trust and the Dainik Bhaskar Group are in charge of the campus. This school is accredited by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

It is located on 40 acres of land in Bhopal and has a magnificent and attractive campus. The school has a sports complex, a fully air-conditioned campus, smart classrooms, science labs, a boarding facility with sanitary meals, medical facilities, and many other amenities.

  1. DPS, Bhadbhada Road, Bhopal

One of the most excellent private co-educational schools in Madhya Pradesh is Delhi Public School Bhopal. The school is part of the DPS Society, which operates several DPS schools in India and worldwide. It is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The school campus is situated on the Bhadbhada hilltop, a work of art in terms of architectural and natural beauty. The campus is surrounded by a beautiful green forest and the shimmering water of the upper lake in the catchment basin of the Bhadbhada Dam. The school site is divided into five blocks, each with its amenities: the Kids Zone, the Twitter Zone, the Middle School, the Junior College, the Utility Block, Gurudev Shikshakendra, and the Administrative Block.

Academics, sports, cultural, personality development, transportation, medical facilities, hostel facility with mess and pleasant atmosphere, labs, modern classrooms, library, halls, cafeteria, and much more are among the numerous facilities.

  1. Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore
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Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar has received the 2012 ‘Outstanding School of the Year Award.’ In 2013, the Education World India School rating ranked it as one of the finest schools in Indore. The Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar is one of the country’s oldest schools. It is dedicated to Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings. In addition, the institute has received the ‘Swami Vivekananda School of Excellence Award.’

The campus is separated into three private sections that encircle the central courtyard, where all activities and programmes are held. The school has smart classrooms, separate laboratories, a well-stocked library, a café, transportation, AV rooms, and an auditorium. The basketball court and football field are among the school’s sporting amenities.

  1. The Shishukunj International School, Indore
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The Shishukunj International Foundation founded this school, which is now regarded as one of the best in Indore. This institution has also been named one of ‘The Economic Times Best Education Brands’ for 2019. It is slated to appear in Forbes’ fifth edition for India as one of the Great Indian Schools. The facility is spread across 20 acres of land and has cutting-edge amenities and infrastructure. There are 113 smart classrooms, laboratories for each topic, and six computer labs. The campus contains two libraries, one for seniors and one for juniors, where students may study over 20,000 books and journals.

The entire campus is high-tech and well-connected with cutting-edge technology. Along with academics, the school promotes sports and extracurricular activities. Sports and athletic facilities are impressive, and the school provides excellent chances to develop skills, abilities, and other potentials.

  1. Choithram International School, Indore
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Choithram International is a well-known institute that provides three educational programmes. The institution, which is affiliated with the CISCE, CIE, and IBO boards, takes a comprehensive approach to learning. Its goal is to cultivate lifelong learners. The campus encompasses 28 acres of land. It has air-conditioned classrooms, a well-stocked library, and labs. Along with, there is also a medical facility, transportation, and a café. Aside from academics, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and sports. The curriculum also includes activities such as creative writing, music, speaking, theatre, dance, and debates.

The school site has a field, playgrounds, and training tracks for improved sports exposure. The institution has also played an essential role in the MUN throughout the years. The University Guidance Counselor is also a vital member of the school’s administration. Students have a greater understanding of the courses available to them as a result of the UGC. The institution also offers both national and international Summer Programs and Internship Programs.

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  1. St. Josephs Co-ed School, Bhopal
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St. Josephs Co-educational School is one of Bhopal’s best co-educational schools. The school was founded in 1986 by Rev Dr. Eugene D’Souza, and it is managed by the Archdiocese of Bhopal Society. They provide high-quality education from Kindergarten through 12th grade, with Hindi and English as the primary languages of teaching. The Central Board of Secondary Education has granted the school accreditation (CBSE).

In Arera Colony, the institute has a well-equipped campus. Academic blocks, a major playground, a sports complex, a library, a canteen, three small playgrounds, a separate kindergarten, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, a science lab, play equipment, and many other amenities are available at the school.

  1. Billabong High International School, Bhopal
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Billabong High International School is a co-educational private school. The school offers a high-quality education up to the 12th grade. It is accredited by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). The institute is ranked among the top schools in Madhya Pradesh and has branches all throughout the country. The school adheres to the idea of “Experiential Learning.”

They have a beautiful campus with a variety of facilities. The school has a variety of amenities, including a sports complex, library, biology lab, science lab, gardens, art rooms, dance rooms, activity rooms, and many others.

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